Few hours until launch – message to participants!


It is amazing how much work you can get done during a single Startup Weekend. Weither you have a business idea or just want to try out working with a brand new startup, you can get an amazing 48 hour experience on how its done. The best thing to do is come with an open mindset, be willing to share your ideas and thoughts with others and work as hard as you possibly can on your computer for two days.

Some people who attend a Startup weekend use it to start their own company. All types of companies can be founded, but if they are to be profitable they usually have a smart business model and a great team thats willing to work. Both something you can work on during the weekend.

During the weekend in Aalborg there will be seven other Startup Weekends all over the world in different cities from New Zealand, Australia, USA, France and Netherlands (full list) We can communicate with these cities by using social media and in many cases build a strong follower base during the first hours of development.

Looking forward to work with your teams and see how much Aalborg can get done during 48 hours!

// Kristján Freyr Kristjánsson, Global SW Facilitator

Kristján Freyr Kristjánsson, is global Startup Weekend Facilitator. He is CEO of Innovit Entrepreneurship Center in Iceland and has founded two of his own startups. Kristján will be attending the SW in Aalborg